History of Edgewood - Scarsdale

“EDGEWOOD, Scarsdale. The area east of White Plains Post Road, between Carman Road and Drake Road, takes its name from Edgewood School. It was named for Edgewood, Pennsylvania, the former home of Mrs. Gerard Fountain, a school board member when the school was built.”

Additional info on Edgewood

Edgewood is unique in Scarsdale because, unlike the other elementary schools in the Village, it did not take its name from the area where it was built, but gave its name to the area where it was built. In the minutes of the School Board before the schools were built, Greenacres and Fox Meadow are regularly referred to by name, but what is now Edgewood is referred to simply as the southern end of town or similar phrases. The first mention of “Edgewood School” is in the minutes of the School Board meeting on March 25, 1918, when construction was well underway.


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